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These Days Are Good For the Canadian Conservative Youth Party Alliance
By: Martin Tielli
Transcribed by Lee Ferreira
Intro: unknown
( D...D/B...GaddD...A ) x4
Part #1:
D             D/B            GaddD                D
These days are good for the Canadian Conservative Youth Party Alliance
      D             G              D  D/A  D
These days could be good for us
(continue w/ this)
Part #2:
  D                G         D             G           D
when the sun comes up on the flat edmonton streets, you will seek normal 
G   D            G
(continue alternating between D and G)
Part #3
G              A               D         G
  I chipped my eyetooth on the back of a urinal
   G                                A                 D...D/B...G...A
  I'll just snip your life with precision of a tailor man
								(Part 1)
Listen to the song to get the rhythem of Dave's guitar.  And be sure to
accent on the roots of the chords (ie. D...B...G....A before the
verses).  But basically, the song centres around the D chord, with some
G's and A's thrown in.