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Written by: Martin Tielli
On the Album: Melville
Transcribed by Aaron Albert ( from the 
Double Live album.
Intro: Am...D...Am...D...
     Am            D
On a cold road
                            Am        D
Somewhere in the south of Ontario
          Am                       D
There's a crackle in the air
                                    Am                D
As they're putting up the very last telephone pole.
        G                         Am
Now I'm standing here... where my grandfather stood,
               D       G    D
And he chopped wood.
             Am            D
When I was a young boy
                 Am        D
(He used to take trips)
     Am                 D
On a bike for girls
                   Am        D
And my best friend Chris
        G                       Am
Now I'm standing here, where we used to stand,
        D                           G
Hand in hand, in a land that was so big.
Am         D              G
Can you believe it... in it?
          Am                 D
There's a mouth on a phone
                     Am            D
Somewhere across the ocean blue.
And I know it's you, Christopher Columbus
(Ocean Blue)
With your tie-dye sails
(Ocean Blue).