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From "The Blue Hysteria"
By Dave Bidini
Transcribed by Tim Allard

E                    E/C              E                E/C
When we were kids we ran like INTERPOL.
E          E/C               E                 E/C
I killed a copper with a puck of coal.
F#m                                                               E   E/C
Put a rock through a saint, made a stained-glass hole.
E                      E/C                     E                    E/C
In the back of the class, we giggled, sniffing rush.
E                 E/C                      E                     E/C
The best of friends, we rode the Islington bus.
F#m                                                              E  E/C
Your gum was sweet but the chewing was tough.
F#m                                                              E  E/C
I got drunk, I threw up on gin I mixed with orange stuff.

G#m                 F#m
This dream we call familiar
        E                     Am
Is like death in golden wraps.
        E                       A
Now if that's true and we
E                A
both know that,

A            B
I'm sorry if I said you were...

E5    F5    G5    A5       B5
Bye bye, Mr. No One.
E5   F5         G5          B5
Bye bye, Mr. Woebegone.

B5                      A5
Hey! I don't even know who you are.
E5    F#5              A5     B5

G                                   A
I don't even know why I came.
I can't remember your name.


E           E/C