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by Gord Downie and Don Kerr

Transcribed by Tim Allard



Capo 5


Am                C#m     Dm              G

The concert was today. I heard the wild crowd moan.

C                    F            Bm                      E

It's not that life's distasteful to me. It's just that I am all alone.

Am            C#m        Dm            G

If I should hear a bird, or when I'm making toast.

C                  F                      Bm                      E

It's in the smallest moments. When I expect the least, I think of you the



F#5         G#5..


Am                          Em    D5        C

It's not that it's a mystery, this newly-found malaise.

Am                        Em        G     E

The trouble is, the mystery has taken your place.


Am       Cm            Dm              G

I turn my head away. Now everything is gone.

C                 F             Bm             E

It's taken this catastrophe to see what you mean to me.

Am          Cm         Dm            G

If I could have my way, I'd turn and start again.

C                      F               Bm             E

We'd sing and dance and laugh and be exactly the same as we were then.

F#5  G#5...