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By Dave Bidini
Transcribed by Aaron Albert
G                     C
Valley's rich and the garden's deep
          Em   D   C                 C   D    G
Where the horsefly dreams, where the tar-heel sleeps.
G                      C
Royal flowers with the leafy weeds
          Em D   C                C     D   G
Where the pollen seeds, where the queen bee feeds.
C                                 G
When has a girl sniffed too much?
When worker's drone sting loses his touch,
         Em    D   C          C             D
When the birds all know if it snows they'll go
To Harmelodia.
(The world's on fire in the garden.)
The valley's rich with the vine and rope
Where the locust plays, and the tigers loathe.
Guide insects fat as football pies,
Where the wild dog brays, where the condor flies.
     G   C   Em D    C
It's easy to be with you...