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On the album: Melville
By the Rheostatics 
Transcribed by Jeff Addison 
Now this is how I play it & it sounds right, so here you go. 
I use a capo on the 2nd fret & the whole thing is just Am & G,
the bridge after the second chorus is a stumbled C, F & G. 
No capo? Then just play Bm & A, bridge= D,G,A
Word came down and it crashed through my door, from the 21st floor 
I was thinkin' about leavin' early for a lunch when....told me to shut off my press 
His face turned green and his white shirt was wet, like he'd just seen an accident 
We through our masks into a pile, the trucks pulled away for good
chorus  Holy Mackinaw Joe (4 times)
A bus pulled in and I waved at it, before I knew what it was 
We ran in it's tracks chasing it's tires, but the gates have been riveted shut 
I looked for the foreman, his number was empty, up to Red Dear to stay 
We gathered some signs and we sparked up a fire 
Gordy got burned on a high voltage wire
chorus  Holy Mackinaw Joe (4 times)
bridge First thing she'll ask me is " How did it go todayyyyyyy?" 
          and I'll tell her...........................
I thought there was strength in a union, I thought there was strength in a mob 
I thought the company was bluffin' when they threatened to chop us off 
These guns will welt, the winners will seize and all the bon-fire will go out 
The company knows when they can afford to be bold 
I wish I could, I wish I could, I wish I could!
chorus Holy Mackinaw Joe (4 times)     We are the Horses (in-between)