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Written by: Tim Vesely
On the album "Introducing Happiness"
Transcribed by Ben Bowen
intro: Dsus/F,Dsus/E,D

Introducing happiness.
E7     G		Gm
Happy, yes!
D          E7
Look who's found you someone.
Em       G                   D
Look who stole you from your nest...
D      E7           Em                G
And in thieving, we stole you from an icy death.
D          F#7/A#            Bm7
November's cold and lonely here,
But not at home and 
       G             E7
I'm so happy I could make you happy.
D    E7          D
Introducing happiness.
D         E7
What do I owe you,
Em    G          	D
Or do you owe me more?
D        E7
A better deal than this there's
Em         Gm
Never been before.
D      F#7/A#
I must appear a mess to
Bm7             E7
Have to write a song about you.
You make me...
D    Gm                            D
Introducing all this love into our house.
Well, your brother lives with mother
And your sister loves it
In Upstate New York (on a farm).
D      E7
When I see you
Em                       G
Throw the kitchen window open wide,
D        E7              Em
I take a second to thank you.
I feel so good inside.
D          F#7/A#        Bm7
Although I go away sometimes,
          E7            D
Take your picture in my mind,
            F#7/A#             Bm7
So when I'm yards and yards away
       E7            D
I am reminded not to stray.
            F#7/A#                Bm7
Unless I've climbed the tallest tree.
Only that will keep me.
D    E7          D
Introducing happiness.
     E7          D
Introducing happiness.
     E7     G    Gm		   D
Introducing …..  	you.
| O | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | O |
| | | | | |