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By Tim Vesely and Dave Bidini
On the album "Whale Music
Transcribed by: Aaron Albert and Dave Noisy
Bm, G, D, A
E ---0-2-3-2--3-5--3-2--3-2-0-2------
B -3----------------------------3----
G --------------------------------2--
D -----------------------------------
A -----------------------------------
E -----------------------------------
King of the Past - Rheostatics
[Bm]Check your [G]watch; you're [D]fourteen and more.
[Bm]Here lies a [G]road not [D]travelled [A]before.
[Bm]Down in the [G]cellar, there's [D]beer on your breath.
[Bm]And up off the [G]floor, did you [D]let him explore?
[Bm] [A] [Bm] [A] [Bm] [A] [G] [A]
Check your map. You're Louis Riel.
He rode a horse before you were born.
Out in the flatland, the money's all spent.
And out in the field, your fate has been sealed.
I'm the [D]King of the [A]Past, but [D]still I walk [A]forward.
[D]Won't close my [A]eyes to the [G]passing of [A]time.
[D]I'm in Fredericton [A]Northern where the [D]rivers make [A]borders,
[D]But planes fly [A]right over [G]them. [A]
Check your map, 'cause you've lost your watch.
It's buried under snow; its time does not stop.
Find your way homeward. The rivers are freezing.
And under the ice, the borders are changing.
I'm the King of the Past, but still I walk forward.
I step over hundreds of years yet to come,
While the eyes in the back of my head draw no borders,
Just rivers that channel the rain.
(Chase them away.)