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Making Progress by Tim Vesely

Contributed by Dan Boggs:  All thanks go to Tim for generously taking the time
to write out the chord changes for me after a solo acoustic gig
at the Rivoli's Maple Lounge in March 2005.  I LOVE this tune!
÷and you too, T.V.!

G                           D
Right now, we are making progress.
               Em                         C
We are making dreams come true, just like we discussed
                      G                       D
in our most recent letters, communiqu»s and measures
                    Em                           C
of memories and treasures, kept in bricks and mortar
               G                   D
I won't last forever I won't even try to
                   Em                       C
I'm just making progress I don't know what else to do.
            G        D            Em            C
It's just this could be work for you and me to do.

G                          D
Right now, we are making progress.
                    Em                      C
Just listen to the bugs exploding on the windshield
                     G                  D
or is it just the crackling aurora borealis
                   Em                                  C
or is it just the tip-toe of small things through the tall grass.
                    G         D            Em      C
Or is it just that this could be work for you and me?

G                           D
Right now, we are making progress.
                Em                    C
We are hanging upside down inside a vacuum
                A7                            G
we are taking round trips and we don't even know it
                      E                         Am
our hammers fall in silence knocking down the forest
                 D                            G
exploding all around us and I'm committing treason
                       E                       Am
'cause I'm love with reason and humans are the nicest
                  Bm                          A7
when they fall silent reflecting what lies deepest
                     G                    E7
you can hear the seashore you  can see forever
                     Am                                  A7
if you keep it all together      and don't let up the pressure
                   G                          E7
what good's a revolution?  A rising and a setting sun
                     Am                                 D
a trip around the bright one  lets you off where you started from
                G                           E7
following a straight line going through a tight wind
                    Am                        Bm
I'm in love with sunshine I'm in love with humankind.

Right now.