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My Sweet Relief
Written and Performed by Martin Tielli
Transcribed by Brian Dallaway
I saw someone was requesting this
I am a hack of a guitarist, but I have been playing it like this to fit my vocal range.
You will note that it is a repeat of the sequence G - D - Am - C


[G]All the secret (D)life designs
[Am]that everyone is privy [C]to,
[G]missed me by a [D]thousand miles -
[Am]I didn't mean to insult [C]you.

There's a [G]singer singing
[D]proud and strong
[Am]to nobody at [C]all.

[G]Even though she's [D]clear and true -
[Am]"she's very talented, too" -
[C]she isn't wearin' the right [G]boots.
[G]All force re[D]signed.
I'll take what's [Am]mine.
Y'all believe what you [C]all believe.
My sweet [G] relief.

All the secret ways to be,
hidden in that wayward glancing.
I'm happy being here all alone
while everybody's going dancing.
Empty music - crowded hall.
Loaded gestures crawl.
I'd like to take you somewhere else
- but who's got time for that
when your busy kissing ass?
All force resigned, I'll take what's mine.
Y'all believe what you all believe
my sweet relief.
All force resigned, take all of mine.
Y'all believe what you all believe.
My sweet fuckin' relief.