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"An Offer" - Rheostatics
On the album:  The Blue Hysteria
Transcribed by:  Graham James (
intro:  E   A   B
[E] See what I [A] have to offer
take your [B] time
[E] Then maybe [A] make an offer
that makes you [B] mine
[E] You reason [A] hard and sober
that's half way [B] true
[E] Then after you've [A] had your water
I wine, I [B] wine
[A] oooo [B]
[E] I tear an [A] open letter
to better you to see [B]
[E] Now I feel [A] so much better
do it, do it to me[B]
[A] oooo [B]
[A] oooo [B]
[G] I came [A] down for a [B] walking
[G] and to [A] talk with you [B]
[G] We get [A] joined at the [B] forehead
[G] like we're [A] meant to [B]
[G] Offer [A] me to [B] you.
[G] Offer [A] me to [B] you.
[G] Offer [A] me to [B] you.
ending:   E   A  A  B
             E   A  A  B
             A  B
             A  B