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One More Colour
by Jane Sibbery
second verse by Martin Tielli

Intro and Verses:

"Is it lasting?"

... And in asking
The sphere becomes a line,
A dotted line,

And to follow it
         G                D
You must make a jump each time.

A dotted page. A dotted hillside.
A blast of dots.
A blind reader. A flock of sheep,
Or a blast of trumpet shots.

Bm    A			  Bm
Here. All we have here is sky.
A                 Bm
All the sky is is blue.
A		    Em        D     A
All that blue is is one more color NOW.

To measure the tower's invisible sway
Inside the moving skies.
The cough of a swallow
That softly lies there
As loudly as it died.

Same as the vendor who likes to sing
As loudly as he can;
All he says is, "It suits me fine,
That's the way I am."

"Speak a little softer."
"Work a little harder,
And shoot less with more care."
"Sing a little sweeter, and love a little longer...
And soon you will be there."

Here. All we have here is sky.
All the sky is sky blue.
All that blue is is one more color NOW.

And these are some reasons
And just like the seasons,
They turn and then they fly.
The honkless geese near the goatless ledge geese
In the speckless sky.
G       A      D
The speckless sky.
  C    B
I hear you.
  C    B
I hear you.
I hear