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Transcribed by: Adam Thompson" <>
A                           G
Joey pulled himself to his feet,
Hauled his body back up the bank
                     A      G    A
And looked back down there.
A                               G
He said the water was not that deep;
"But I almost drowned there."
                                   A    G  A
You can drown in a bathtub so they say.
A                              G
"Someone in class called me a loser,
                         D                        A  G  A
So I decided to skip the day hey hey - skip the day.
A                                          G
I tried to look casual sneaking round the back,
Past the shotput across the track 
                                A    G    A
And to the gate beside the portables.
A                              G
But a red tie and school gray slacks 
Doesn't blend in with the grass
                             A     G
As the teacher was changing class.
Amaj7                            A7
He chased me halfway through the park,
Till I ran into the woods;
        D         A
And I'm very good in the woods.
A                  G
So I was an Indian,
Built a fire by the creek 
                   A    G
And dried my eyes there."
Amaj7                            A7   Bm
There's a record body count this year
           D           A
There's a record body count this year.
A                               G
Joey stepped up on a block of ice,
Put a rope around his neck,
And fell asleep before he died.