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My First Rock Concert 
Dave Bidini - Blue Hysteria 
Transcribed - Ira Aikman <> 
My first rock concert was a stadium affair 
    C              D          G 
our dads drove us down to the front gates there, 
And we looked at all the people and all their rock-n-roll hair, 
            C          D              G 
And for the very first time i smelled dope in the air, 
          E     C        G 
And we saw ELO, but they sucked.
    D     						         C                        D 
But Meatloaf was wicked, so we gave it up for the fat man. (Gave it up for Meat) 
My second rock show I was offered some pot, 
        C     	 D		     G 
But i refused to be swayed or to be caught by a cop. 
Geddy, Alex, Neil: they played penultimate rock, 
C 	      D 		G 
And for the very last song they set off five flash pots, 
E	 C                    G 
My friend had an epileptic fit. 
D 							C 
But the crowd cheered him on cause they thought that he was dancing. 
(Thought that he was a fool on his back.) 
My third rock show was an epochal day, 
C	 D 		G 
It was out at the ex, beneath the Alpine way 
Aerosmith and Goddo, they were okay, 
    C                D                    G 			E 
But when i saw the Ramones and it changed the way i saw the world. 
C	 G 
I saw everything. 
D					 C 
So I bought a leather jacket, cut holes in my jeans. 
D 							C 		D 
When my parents saw my pants, then they took away the car keys for two days. 
The Specials, Gand of Four, and all the new wave. 
                  C   	    D                           G 
I saw the Birthday Party play with Nick Cave. 
I saw XTC twice, I thought Paul Weller was Christ. 
C 	D 			G 
I even met Michael Stipe, he was distant but he was nice. 
E 	        C       G 
Joe Jackson saved my life 
D 					C 
At Massey Hall, I got up and i started to dance 
D 					C 
Big ol' cop, he grabbed me, and pinned me against the stage. 
D 					C 
Cop reached down, and he took the hat off my head. 
D 					C 
Then Joe reached down and he took the hat off the cops head, 
D					 C 		D 
So i wiggled free and i ran up into the balcony and swan dived. 
Now it's many years later and I'm up on the stage, 
C 	D		 G 
Sometimes i feel a little like a bird in a cage. 
Under these lights you're either a mouse or a sage, 
C	 D 	G 
Music belies one's actual age. 
E 	C		 G 
Is it just a passing churn (yeah, could be, could be)? 
D						 C 
Like a rusty car, hair style, or an old shirt (shirt shirt), 
D				 C 		D 
A CHUM chart, an 8 track, or a gate-folds double live. 
G C D G 
Oh yeah, I was there