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"Row" - Rheostatics
Written By: Tim Vesely
On the album: Introducing Happiness
Transcribed By: Graham James (
Disclaimer:  Anyone expecting a proper transcription or even accurate chords can forget it.
My goal in figuring out any piece of music is to find some reasonable (and sometimes recognizable)
background that I can play on acoustic guitar in my underwear and sing while I arrange my sock
drawer alphabetically.  Improvements are welcome.
Transcription notes:  When I figured "Row" out, I just did it by ear using Tim's melody to
guide me.  But for those comparing this the key of the original on Introducing Happiness,
they'll notice that the original is lower.  The original chord progression is:
			F	Bb	C
			Bb	F
			Bb	F 	C
	Take your pick.
All the [G] clouds get to [C] gether and [D] watch.
All the [C] trees gather [G] 'round us
and [C] grow up to [G] gether and [D] watch.
A [G] stream, a [C] succession, a [D] parade
of [C] fists before [G] teeth before [C] eyes
and [G] ideas are [D] made.
...but the [G] eyes that are
[C] borrowed are [D] weak.
It's the [C] ones that can't [G] see 
who're the [C] ones who will [G] know 
I am [D] weak.
While the [C] fighting gets [G] done, 
[C] nothing gets [D] won.
[G] It is my [C] nature to [D] fight.
What [C] ever I've [G] said is a [C] challenge,
it [G] must be de [D] nied.
But it's [G] easy to [C] see no one [D] wins.
If [C] someone had [G] won,
we'd have [C] heard long [G] ago.
No one [D] wins.
While the [C] fighting gets [G] done, 
[C] nothing ever gets [D] won.
Ellowhee...Ellowhee...Ellowoo... 	Adlib
All in a row				Use same progression
we will go.				G/C/D/C/G/C/G/D
[G] Now there's [C] nothing more to [D] do.
[C] Whatever I [G] say,
[C] I hear it [G] fade a [D] way.
All the [G] clouds get to [C] gether and [D] cry.
All the [C] trees in the [G] wind [C] wave good [D] bye.
Good-bye.				Use same progression
All in a row.				G/C/D/C/G/C/G/D