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Written By Dave Bidini
On the album "Whale Music"
Transcribed by Jon Bitton (
(Em) The minute you (D) shaved your head (Em) you ran for the (D) mirror
but slipped in the clipp(Em)ings. You sat in your (D) nest and (G) cried
like a (D) baby would.
(Em)Why am I (D) why am I wild and (Em) what is a (D) what is a monster
to d(Em)o. When your teeth are so (D) new and your (G) tongue is (D) for
(Em) Spent you fell (D) down to the floor and (Em) dopey. You giggled
and rolled (D) sideways and turned on the (Em) stereo. White noise on
the (D) radio, felt (G) like a weird (D) movie.
(Em) That's such a (G) happy way to (D) be. M(?A?..Em)e I can (G) do it
hot bout (D) you?
(Em)You made sure the (D) door was not open. (Em) You made sure the (D)
blinds were all closed (Em) gathered up (D) pillows and (G) took off
your (D) clothes.
(Just fuggin rock out on this part it's sweet)
(Em) Each piece that (D) fell to the floor (Em) Each piece that (D)
showed a bit more of your (Em) skin, lay back to your (D) bed, so (G)
touch to the (D) cool sheets
(Em) That's such a (G) happy thing to (D) cry. M(A?.Em)e I can (G) do it
how bout (D) you?
Em.....F# E D...B D
(Em) The minute they (D) shaved my head (Em) I asked begged to (D) let
me a minute more to (Em) breathe. My days are my (D) lungs but my (G)
love for you is (D) endless.
And like the last lyric just play around with different D melodies to
end off the song. I don't the melodies off the album. Just make up your
own. Like with every other good Bidini song folk it up a bit. It's cute
to play it uppity, cause the lyrics don't fit one bit. Ah well. Have