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Sweet, Rich, Beautiful, Mine
By: Martin Tielli and Tamara Williamson
On the Album: The Blue Hysteria
Transcribed by Jim Mooney
Sweet mouth (Dflat)  When you (A) formally say you are (E/C) mine Will
(Dflat) bitter, and look up (A) Confess you don't understand (E/C)Actually
hate who you (Dflat) know
(A)It's pitiful, but it's (G#) you
in full (F#) glamour
(F#) You're rich, you're (D flat) beautiful and you're (A) mine
Sweetest ass (Dflat) 
Can I (A) take you away from this (E/C) trash
If you'll (Dflat) pack up the movie (A) that you are directing (E/C)
(Dflat) (A) A documentary (G#)
(Note: this next part is sketchy, so please don't be mad if it doesn't
sound right. I'm just gonna guess at where the chords should go.)
Of some (E) soppy old fop star 
With a (B) pomp like a (A) cockatoo (E)
Is that who you're portraying (E/C)
Or some (Dflatm) tiresome injustice 
That's replaced (A) by another in the (E) end
(A) Is that what you're saying (E/C)
(Dflatm) (B+11) (F#/A#)