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The Ballad of Wendel Clark
By the Rheostatics
>From the Album "Greatest Hits 1987"
Part 1 Lyrics/Vocal-Martin Tielli, 
Part 2 Lyrics-Dave Clark and Dave Bidini
Transcribed by John Carson and Dejan Pavlovic
{Define: B/C  x2oo1o}
Part 1
C                     F    
Got a friend in B.C.,     
          C                 F
know some winders kissing N.Y.,       
  C             F               
I wanna buy a motercycle,
    C              F
And cut up to some farm.
          C       Bb      F
Somewhere in this cowshit county,
          C         Bb        F
where the hills are round and green, 
          C      Bb        F    
round and green, round and green, 
          C         Bb        F
where the hills are round and green!
C                          F
Late nights make me really tired,
         C                           F 
all this jamming gives me a headaches, 
     C            F        
like listening to earthquakes,
          C                   F
all wired up for rock and roll,
F         G              C       F
Mama only listens to the radio, 
F          G                         C  F Eb  C F Eb    
Papa only watches the hockey game,
F           G              C     B/C Am
This suburb rocks with the eddie van Wailers,
             G        F
God save the Queen--  She made you a MORON
Part 2
Intro C/G
Well I heard Wendel talking to Dave Hodge last night
   F                G             C
he said that he was confident and keen
he said that Jacques Plante did`nt die 
so all of us could glide 
             F                G            C  
he said that hard work is the ethic of the free.
F                       C           
Wendel was a man with a stick in his hands
   G                                       C         G C
he learned how to play in Kelvington S.A.S.K.
You`ll wish that you had died 
when Wendel has your hide
          G                          C/G
`cause he does it the Canadian way 
so now we sit around on the couch and watch T.V.,
           F      G           C 
And we see Wendel leading the team
If god made Clark on the 7th day,
   F                G           C          
He knew what He was doing if He did......If He did!
C                           F  G  
Bam Bam.- digga digga damm           (4x)