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by Martin Tielli on OIJ

F#   F#m   F#     F#5
When the  wind blows
F     Fm      F     F5
f i f - t y    be -low
E   Em   E
I'll  be  out
Em                    G           Am       C
Em                    G          Amaj      C

   G                  Bm        C                       D
In Winnipeg the avenue of too much coffee
              G                    Bm
meets the avenue of the perfect choice
      C                          D     C
that blows without regret
Nothing too big, nothing too small
We sat on the steps of the Albert hotel
This be the sweet life,
                                       D                C
this be the sweet death of all of us tonight.

I've had some


In Winnipeg
       Bm              C                             D
The sun comes up over a prostrate student body
G               Bm
A volunt'ry lobotomy
  C                              D
to toast the coming day.

nothing too big....

G                         C
I've had some
I've had some

G      G7

C       Bm
    Em              G
On any day
Asus2   Bm          Em       G      Am      C
On-on-on-on-on  any day

Em                            G
We went from being the toast of the town
Am                 C                           Em
to being the TOAST of the town
             G                                               Am
We were jamming at the blue note with the Guess Who
                  G                    Bm
you took me to your zoo
C                          D       C
'cause you saw me smiling
asleep upon your couch
I got real small
            C                     D           C
when the party turned to cards
          G               C
I was feeling you
G                            G      G7
So sweet and pure

C   Bm          Em
Ohhh, On any day
Asus2  Bm           Em       G     Am  C
On-on-on-on-on any day

Em                   G                              Am            C
You asked me to move there, but I was too afraid to change
Em            G          Am              C7
I'd rather do nothing, I'd rather stay the same

G                    C
I've had some
So sweet and pure