This website has been in existence since 1998. Over the years, we've managed to compile a pretty thorough list of tunes. Thanks to all who continue to support and contribute. New transcriptions are always welcome, and if you have a different version of a song that's already up, you can send it anyway.

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Note: These songs are not the way the Rheos play them. Most of them are simple chord transcriptions done by dedicated Greensprouts. There are no Martin Tielli solos tabbed out, but most transcriptions are excellent, and make it possible for guitar playing Sprouts to strum along.


All the Same Eyes

All the Same Eyes (version #2)

An Offer

Baby, I Love You

Bad Time To Be Poor

The Ballad of Wendel Clark


Bread, Meat, Peas and Rice

The Bridge (Martin Tielli)

California Dreamline



Claire (version #2)

Cold Blooded Old Times

Crescent Moon

Dead is the Drunkest That You Can Get

Desert Island Discs

Digital Beach

Don't Say Goodnight

Dope Fiends and Boozehounds

Double X (Martin Tielli)

Earth/Monstrous Hummingbird

Every Irrelevance

Fan Letter to Michael Jackson

Farmer In the City (Martin Tielli)


Father's Sad Song

Feed Yourself

The Fire

Fish Tailin'

Four Little Songs


The Headless One


In This Town

Introducing Happiness

Introducing Happiness (version #2)

I'll Never Tear You Apart


Jesus Was Once a Teenager Too

Junction Foil Ball

King of the Past

Legal Age Life

Lying's Wrong

Making Progress

A Midwinter Night's Dream


My First Rock Concert

My Sweet Relief (Martin Tielli)

Northern Wish

One More Colour (Jane Sibbery)

Onilley's Strange Dream



Power Ballad for Ozzy Osbourne

Public Square


Record Body Count



Self Serve Gas Station

Self Serve Gas Station (version #2)

Shaved Head

Sickening Song

Sleek Red Canoe

Song of Flight

Song of the Garden

Stolen Car

Sweet, Rich, Beautiful, Mine

Take Me In Your Hand

Take Me In Your Hand (version #2)

These Days Are Good For the Canadian Conservative Youth Party Alliance

Torque! Torque!

Triangles on the Wall

Waterstriders (The Bridge)

Weiners and Beans

We Went West

When Winter Comes



World In a Wall

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

You are a Treasure

Thanks to Allison Trentelman, Adam Bunch, Graham James, Jon Bitton, Brian Dallaway, Cheri Crist, Kevin MacDougall, Vicki Charal, Josh Prowse, Jeff Addison, Sandra Wynia, Ira Aikman, Johanna MacDonald, Tim Allard, Rusty Spell, Mike Kaplan, Ben Bowen and many others for helping out with the site. Without all of you this page could not exist.


Wet Brain/Your War
Never Forget
Connecting Flights
Rain, Rain, Rain
You are a Very Star Journey
Higher and Higher
Delta 88
What's Going on Around Here?
Who? (bass)
Soul Glue (bass)
I Fab Thee
Monkey Bird
From the Reel (Martin)
Voices From the Wilderness (Martin)
Satan is the Whistler
Try to Praise the Mutilated World
...or anything else from 2067

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